long live the arts, artistic freedom and to a small extent courage. This is how I address today the founders of this society which for the past sixty years has been promoting young musicians with engagement and passion. A society which gives young talent the opportunity to make the big jump onto the famous stages of this world and gives us the pleasure to be enchanted by the beauty of music.

Dear Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

the philosopher Isaiah Berlin once said, „When the angels play for God, they play Bach. But, if they play for themselves, they play Mozart.“ This must please you very much, for who has the privilege of playing a home game in heaven? If you look down you don’t recognize the planet earth. Particularly at the present we could do with a critical spirit like yours down here. But we have a consolation for you. Music, your music, is alive, and how, also because in a city by the name of Dortmund, far away from your place of birth, Salzburg, there are men and women, supporters, members and friends, who look after your rich legacy kindly, selflessly and generously. They know that the talents who receive this support are the best ambassadors of your works. And they have done this for the past sixty years, since 1956, exactly two centuries since your birth. I am sure you would be pleased with the young artists, with the society and its supporters, for „if there were no music, there would be nothing.“ Or, to quote you once again: „You must not hurt the ear, you must give it pleasure.“

Yours sincerely,

Lambert Lensing-Wolff
Publisher of the Ruhr Nachrichten and sponsor of the Mozart Gesellschaft