In the spotlight of the concerts of the Dortmund Mozart Gesellschaft stand the scholarship holders. Every year the Mozart Gesellschaft selects the young artists with much consideration and expertise and every year and in every concert the young musicians arouse in me and all the other members of the audience an enthusiastic response. 

Perhaps we sometimes forget a little that the most beautiful solo parts in a concerto would be nothing were it not for the orchestra which accompanies the soloists. For many orchestras who are guests in the concerts of the Mozart Gesellschaft the performance in our wonderful concert hall is just as meaningful as for the scholarship holders. I am thinking for instance of the Capella Istropolitana from Bratislava who opened last season together with the double bass player Alexander Edelmann. This excellent chamber orchestra presumably never has the opportunity in its Slovakian homeland to play for an audience of more than 1.000. But in Dortmund they have this opportunity. Thanks to the Mozart Gesellschaft. And it is also this which makes the Mozart Gesellschaft such an important address in the cultural life of Dortmund.


Yours sincerely,

Lambert Lensing-Wolff,
Publisher of the Ruhr Nachrichten and sponsor of the Mozart Gesellschaft