Dear members of the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund,

This year gives me quite special pleasure to share with you my anticipation of the coming season of Mozart Matinees in the Konzerthaus Dortmund. One of the six orchestras which will delight you and me with their art only recently performed in Dortmund: at the new year’s reception of Lensing Media the Neue Philharmonie from Berlin impressed the audience in the Konzerthaus with music by Antonin Dvorak and the finale of Beethoven’s 9th. symphony. So I am especially pleased that on the invitation of the Mozart Gesellschaft the orchestra will once again be given the opportunity to prove its worth in our beautiful Konzerthaus. My special attention on this concert will not stop me from looking forward to the other matinees.
For the Mozart Gesellschaft I am particularly pleased that after about 60 years of awarding scholarships it has succeeded in creating something new: for the first time in this year a percussionist and a tenor are among the scholarship holders.
Let us look forward to six wonderful concerts!
I wish you all much pleasure with the music and the young musicians.