The Scholarship Holders of the Concert Saison 2020/21

Werther Klavierquartett

Ivan Denisenko

Ivan Denisenko, oboe

Ivan Denisenko was born in 1994 in Usbekistan and was given his first piano lessons at the age of six. In addition when he was ten years old he received lessons in conducting from Vladimir Neymer, and at the age of twelve he discovered his passion for the oboe.

First of all he had lessons at the music school RSMAL of Uspensky with Vitaly Lvovitsch Melkomini. Already at the age of eleven he gave his concert debut as a conductor in the great concert hall of the Konservatorium Usbekistan with Beethovens “Egmont” overture and the waltz “Gold and Silver” by F. Lehar. Up to now he has conducted 70 concerts.

As a student he played 1st. oboe in the student orchestra of the Staatliche Musikhochschule and in the orchestra of the Konservatorium in Uspenski.

Ivan Denisenko has been successful in various oboe competitions. He had his first success at the age of fifteen when he won the first prize in the national competition in Taschkent (Usbekistan). In the same year he won second prizes at the international competitions in Kasachstan (“Almaty”) and Kirgisistan (“Ars Polonia”). In 2010 he was awarded the so called state prize “Tasanno” of Usbekistan. In 2012 the talented musician won the international competition “Fenster auf Europa” (“Window on Europe”) in St. Petersburg. In 2013 Ivan Denisenko was accepted to study the oboe at the Musikhochschule Luebeck. There he joined the oboe class of Prof. Jonas and in January 2020 he gained top marks in his final master’s degree.

In 2015 he gained orchestral experience as first oboe in the Neue Philharmonie Hamburg on a tour through China. In addition he has played occasionally at the Theater Luebeck. In 2018 he performed the oboe concerto by J. N. Hummel with the Luebeck Kammerorchester. Besides playing the oboe he conducts and composes and paints in his spare time.