Ivan Denisenko

Ivan Denisenko

Ivan Denisenko, Oboe

Scholarship holder since 2019


Ivan Denisenko was born in 1996 in Usbekistan and gained his master’s degree with top marks at the Lübeck Musikhochschule in January 2020.
Since 2021 he is principal oboist  in the National Orchestra of Usbekistan.

At the age of six he was given his first piano lessons. When he was ten years old he took conducting lessons and at the age of twelve he discovered his passion for the oboe. He was given lessons at the Musikschule RSMAL in Taschkent.

In 2013 he auditioned on the oboe at the Musikhochschule Lübeck and was accepted to study for a master’s degree with Prof. Jonas. Prof. Jonas has had a decisive influence on the extraordinary musical development of Ivan Denisenko.

The oboist has successfully taken part in various competitions and won several first prizes at the national Usbekistan competition in Taschkent and the international competition “Fenster auf Europa” in St. Petersburg. He won second prizes at the international competitions in Kasachstan (“Almaty”) and Kirgisistan (“Ars Polonia”). In 2010 he was awarded the so called state prize “Tasanno” of Usbekistan.

Ivan Denisenko gained orchestral experience in 2015 as principal oboist of the Neue Philharmonie Hamburg on a tour of China. In addition he has appeared as a soloist with famous orchestras in Germany and Usbekistan.

Already at the age of eleven he gave his debut as a conductor in the great concert hall of the Konservatorium Usbekistan with the overture to Beethoven’s Egmont and Franz Lehar’s waltz Gold und Silber. Up to now he has conducted more than 70 concerts.