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Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund

A success story

The Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund was founded in 1956 to commemorate Mozart’s 200th. birthday and is one of the institutions in Dortmund with the greatest tradition. Since 1961 it has made its mark with its support programme for young musicians in the area of classical music. Every year five new scholarship holders are accepted for the support programme for young musicians and receive support over the following two and sometimes three years.

The Mozart Gesellschaft gives its support to young musicians between 17 and 27 years who show special musical potential. An internal jury consisting of members of the board and advisory board decides which artists are to be accepted for the support programme; the short list of the candidates is the responsibility of the board. Many of the selected musicians achieve the breakthrough they long for on the international stage.

A programme of great variety and the highest quality

Our support programme is tailored to the needs of each scholarship holder. Here we strive to provide the artists with attractive opportunities so that they can gain concert experience. The Mozart matinees in the Konzerthaus Dortmund are an ideal forum for the scholarship holders.There are six Mozart matinees per season. They take place once a month on Sundays at 11 o’clock and are very popular. Every new scholarship holder is given the chance to perform with famous orchestras and we also like to invite former scholarship holders to perform. Very often the scholarship holders go on tour with selected orchestras.

The espresso and soirée concerts which began in the 2021/22 season make it possible for the scholarship holders to perform in chamber music formations. On three days in the season, on Thursday afternoons there are espresso concerts in the Wilo Pioneer Cube or in the Lensing-Carée Conference Center (LCC) of the Ruhr Nachrichten before the day ends with an evening soirée concert in the Orchesterzentrum NRW. The same artists perform but with a different programme.

We are very proud of the fact that since 1956 we have organised more than 250 Mozart matinees and 200 chamber concerts.

Trips with the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund

The Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund regularly offers its members excursions, e.g. to the Rheingau Musik Festival, to the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and to the MDR-Musiksommer. These include concerts of the highest quality and a special accompanying programme. The last members’ excursion went to Poland in 2021 for the European Chamber Music Festival Kzyzowa Music. The programme consisted of three chamber concerts and visits to Kreisau, Lower Silesia and Breslau. There are plans for a members’ excursion to the Internationale Mozartwoche in Salzburg in January 2023.

In recent years the growth in members, concert successes and support for young musicians have made the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund as a member of the “Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg” to the most important society of its kind in the German speaking area. We hope that this growth will also continue after the Corona pandemic.

In addition to the charity now comes a foundation – for the future of our musicians

Thanks to the excellent reputation of the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund our scholarship holders are handed on to the organisers of famous festivals and concert series. We support these performances through grants for the preparation of these works.

In addition our scholarship holders receive financial support for creating their own website, video productions, fees for master classes and travel and hotel costs for performances and auditions. Since 2010 the support programme for each scholarship holder has been intensified: every new scholarship holder receives a supportive grant of 5,000 Euro which has been donated by Dortmund foundations and companies and is dedicated for support of the musicians. Up to today 150 young scholarship holders have received support in various ways which have made their progress in the hard music business easier.

The Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund has a private economic model and does not receive any public subsidies.

Our budget is composed of income from concerts, donations from companies and foundations as well as members’ contributions. The numerous members of many years contribute to our financial security and to the high quality of our concerts. Therefore it is important for us to look after our present members and to try to recruit new members.

So now we want to set ourselves up better for the future. In March 2022 the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund created a foundation under the protection of the Stiftergemeinschaft der Sparkasse Dortmund.

The aim of this fund is to give the scholarship holders more intensive support and in the long run to accept more scholarship holders per year for the programme. For this we need your support: we are looking for people who would like to give support to our programme for excellent young musicians in the area of classical music. We would like you to remain or become a member of our charity! Another form of the support are endowments and inheritances which provide a basis for the foundation and give our work a future. Our most sincere thanks for this!



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