Mozart Matinee 22.10.2023

Eloy Pérez Llavata, trumpet

Stipendiat seit 2023

Eloy Pérez Llavata was born in 2002 in Spain and was given trumpet lessons as a young student at the Musikhochschule and Conservatorium in Valencia.

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Mozart Matinee 21.04.2024

Andrii Paliarush, clarinet

Scholarship holder since 2023

Andrii Paliarush was born in 2002 in the Ukraine and received his first clarinet lessons at the age of eight.

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Mozart Matinee 18.02.2024

Anna Naomi Schultsz, violin

Scholarship holder since 2023

Anna Naomi Schultsz was born in Basle in 2004 and already at the age of two received violin lessons from her mother.

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Mozart Matinee 26.11.2023

Nikola Meeuwsen, piano

Stipendiat seit 2022

Nikola Meeuwsen was born in Holland in 2002 and studied with Marlies van Gent and Enrico Pace at the Accademia Pianistica di Imola.

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Soirée concert 07.12.2023

Tobias Reikow, Fagott

Scholarship holder since2019

Tobias Reikow, 2002 in Stuttgart geboren, entdeckte als Neunjähriger seine Leidenschaft für Bassinstrumente.

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Soirée concert 11.05.2023

Mira Foron, violin

Scholarship holder since 2022

Mira Foron was born in 2002 in Stuttgart and was given her first lessons on the violin at the age of five.

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Mozart Matinee 30.04.2022

Polina Tarasenko, trombone

Scholarship holder since 2021

Polina Tarasenko was born in 2001 in Kherson in the south of the Ukraine.

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Mozart Matinee 14.01.2024

Emma Wernig, viola

Scholarship holder since 2020

Emma Wernig was born in 1999 in Los Angeles and completed her bachelor studies at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles.

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